So much has happened in the Murdaugh case over the past week. It’s honestly mind-blowing the twists and turns this story continues to take.
We’ll be picking the story back up after the holiday because we have A LOT to say about what’s going on — for a preview of that, make sure to listen to our latest episode of Cup of Justice #56, which aired Tuesday. 
Never in the history of Team Murdaugh’s machinations has this case required more sunshine on it. Even with the world watching, the Good Ole Boys haven’t given up on their mission to exploit the system and minimize and control every aspect of the consequences Alex Murdaugh faces.
Worse than this, Team Murdaugh is willing to RUIN ordinary people’s lives to get there.  We’ll get into ALL of this very soon. 
That said, we are really excited — and SO THANKFUL — that we can share Episode Two of our friend Eric Alan’s podcast, “A Mystery Mountain: What Happened to April Jones?,” Part Two with you this week while we take a breather and spend time with our friends and family.
Eric Alan’s reporting is not only thorough and fearless, it’s compelling and will have you on the edge of your seat as he grapples with the unexpected and confronts the challenges we’ve all experienced in our reporting on true crime stories. In this latest episode, he has invited all of us behind the scenes on his journey to get at the truth about these mysterious deaths and disappearances in Oconee County. 
It’s been a while since we first introduced “A Mountain Mystery.” We invite you to return to True Sunlight Episode #15 to relisten to Part One.  And find Eric Alan’s YouTube channel where he has published a number of video episodes on this spellbinding saga.
Thank you to ALL OF YOU for listening and for helping us shine the light on this important case. 

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