We are BACK!
First of all, we want to say thank you to Eric Alan for his amazing work on Mountain Mystery Part Two, which gave our entire team a much needed break over Thanksgiving.   Be sure to check out his YouTube channel here for more episodes: https://www.youtube.com/@Eric-Alan
This week we’ll start with some good news, an update on the Becky Hill drama, plus a puzzling situation in Duffie Stone’s 14th Circuit. 

We’ll also discuss the brighter moments of Murdaugh’s sentencing, such as the bravery the victims showed as they confronted a monster and the grace they showed in forgiving him. 

We also delve into the plea agreement itself and what it might mean for Alex achieving his No. 1 goal: to be a free man again. 

This week focuses on the victims’ grace, forgiveness, hope and bravery.   Next week, we’ll pick apart Alex’s nonsense. 

We are back on the Blood On Their Hands Book Promo Tour and Mandy is coming to Nashville this weekend. We can’t wait to meet you at The Co-Op Hillsboro village on Belcourt Ave At 1 pm for a book signing Sunday Dec 3. We hope to see you there!
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