We want to start by saying thank you to everyone who came out to the Co-Op Nashville on Sunday. Y’all showed up BIG… we ran out of books because we didn’t expect that many people to show up! 

We are taking a little break from events but will come back strong in January and beyond. We want to create casual meet & greets, book signings, educational presentations, LIVE Q&A, university events, cocktail happy hours and more… 

And we want to source these ideas from the listeners and Premium Members with y’all connecting with venues where possible. Essentially, you gather the people and we’ll show up and add to the experience with programming, swag and the budget! 
Visit lunasharkmedia.com/newevents to submit your idea for consideration!

On today’s episode we break down Alex Murdaugh’s 50-minute speech to the court during his sentencing Nov. 27 for his financial crimes. Though nauseating — and, frankly, inappropriate given that he directly addressed the victims —  this unprecedented speech from a defendant provided the public with a bird’s eye view to the full spectrum of his narcissism and his criminality.

Also on the show, the quest to get Alex a new trial in his murder case has taken an alarming turn. The focus now seems to be on ensuring that Colleton County Clerk of Court Becky Hill’s credibility is worse than that of the Egg Lady Juror as Team Murdaugh continues its full-court press in getting just about everyone removed from the case.

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