On today’s True Sunlight Podcast, Co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell update you on what went down at Alex Murdaugh’s federal sentencing hearing this week, where he was sentenced to 40 years. What does this new sentence mean? And why does Alex have to pay back millions to his former law firm and Palmetto State Bank when both allowed these crimes to happen for years?

Also on the show, the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office believes suspected murderer Michael Colucci has been on house arrest at his parents’ house but … his parents have been dead for years. Also, according to police reports, Michael was evicted from their home in April 2017 — BEFORE his first trial.

Why does South Carolina have such a terrible bond system when it comes to violent criminals? Also, what police reports tell us about Michael’s life after his arrest in Sara Lynn Colucci’s death.

We want to share a special thanks to True Sunlight fan Tom at the Late Night with Seth Meyers show for the unbelievable experience and CONGRATS to Sheryl Crow on her new album Evolution!!! 

Stay Tuned, Stay Pesky and Stay in the Sunlight…☀️

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