Investigative journalists Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell untangle the very strange — and very heartbreaking — death of Mica Miller, a 30-year-old pastor’s wife from South Carolina whose body was found in a North Carolina state park a few weeks ago. 
Over the weekend, journalists, true crime aficionados and people hoping for justice learned about Mica’s death, accusations of marital abuse and her in-progress divorce, along with one very strange sermon in which her estranged husband — John Paul Miller — announced her death to his flock by telling them to stand, listen and don’t talk about what they’re about to hear after they hear it.
Internet sleuths worked overtime, convinced the road to Mica’s death would lead them back to her husband. When Robeson County Sheriff’s Office deputies released details about why they had ruled Mica’s death a suicide, they provided an answer, but many more questions still linger. 

Through suicide, Mica Miller pointed the world toward her husband, who she feared would “put a bullet in her head.” 

This week’s episode of True Sunlight looks at the investigation into Mica’s death and digs into police reports that outline what Mica’s life looked like in the months and weeks before she took her own life. 

Also on the show, why was Michael Colucci’s murder trial postponed AGAIN? And Premium Members get an extended version with more information about the decision to delay the Colucci case.

Stay Tuned, Stay Pesky and Stay in the Sunlight…☀️

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