Investigative journalists Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell continue their deep dive into the Mica Miller case and into Mica’s estranged pastor husband, John-Paul Miller, who stands accused of harassing Mica in the days leading up to her death.
On today’s episode, Mandy and Liz talk about what happened in November 2022 after JP instigated what would become a defining fight of their relationship. The escalation starts with two ominous 911 calls placed by Mica’s sister, who feared for her husband and young son after JP threatened to come to her house “armed and ready” to take back Mica, who had fled there after their argument.
Then Mandy and Liz reveal what was happening behind the scenes during Mica’s hospitalization less than two weeks later, when JP tried to stop Mica from getting help and threatened police officers when they tried to speak with her alone.

Stay Tuned, Stay Pesky and Stay in the Sunlight…☀️

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