Investigative journalists Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell continue their coverage of the Mica Francis case, starting with JP Miller’s shock and horror upon discovering a shirtless photo has been posted of him online.
Social media came hard for JP this week with more accusations surrounding the tattoo of Mica’s signature he has on his torso. Solid Rock Ministries continues its battle with protesters, who were assaulted by a sprinkler this past weekend.
Mandy and Liz also break down the contents of the Medical Examiner’s report into Mica’s death — needless to say, the report raises more questions than it answers but mostly Mandy and Liz were astounded at its lack of thoroughness and its reliance on non-medical evidence. Plus, a newly released 911 call sheds more light onto Mica’s state of mind on March 11, when she filed her restraining order against JP. It also sheds more light onto the broken system that failed Mica — and continues to fail women everywhere.
Finally, two police reports filed by JP’s ex-wife outline very familiar accusations of harassment and stalking … as well as very familiar shrugs from law enforcement.

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