Investigative reporters Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell give an update in the Stephen Smith case during the ninth anniversary of his mysterious death. Why did Highway Patrol stop looking into Stephen’s death right after receiving its strongest lead to date? 
Mandy and Liz look into the track record of the police officer behind a tip that introduced two new names into the investigation in 2015.

Also on today’s episode, 911 calls and police records show the chaos of Pastor JP Miller’s life in the aftermath of two big scandals he brought onto his church — his 2015 affair with Mica Francis and Mica’s recent death. After combing through dozens of reports involving the church, True Sunlight has a better picture about how JP and those in his circle have regarded the backlash. In one harrowing call to police — in which JP claims to be followed by an armed individual — police get a taste of JP’s flair for drama and the many contradictions of his personality. 

Lots to learn in this 58th episode of True Sunlight and more to come as Alex Murdaugh’s appeal clock ticks down, Buster’s defendants’ responses are imminent and the FBI continues to look into Mica’s case…
Stay Tuned, Stay Pesky and Stay in the Sunlight…☀️

Episode Resources:
Mica’s List & Mica’s Law, Documents
Lauren Johansen – WLOX article
Buster Murdaugh’s Defamation Case 

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