We have big news— we’re officially entering a new era in the True Sunlight Podcast — the Grant and Gracie Solomon case.

We talked about this case in a previous episode of Cup of Justice but for starters, I want to tell you why we decided to take this case on. 

It’s a story where crime meets corruption that deserves to be in headlines around the world but still isn’t being covered much or at all by mainstream media. 

It’s a story that has so many attached rabbit holes that desperately need sunlight — sunlight that could help a whole region of people, not just the victims. 
It’s a story about a woman and her two children who repeatedly warned the system about a man they believed was dangerous and now one of those children is in dead and two of them live in fear for their lives. 

It’s a story about a woman going to the ends of the earth to protect her children — no matter how many times they called her crazy, told her no, and refused to believe her. 

It’s a story about a system protecting, enabling  and believing a man over and over— despite all of the horrific accusations launched against him. 

This will be the first of many episodes covering the Solomon case. We’re reporting this in real time and expect there to be lots and twists and turns – also like the Murdaugh story. 
So where to begin? 

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