On today’s show, True Sunlight Co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell finally see some hope after five months of Murdaugh chaos. This week, Justice Jean Toal sent a strong message to Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin that her courtroom will not be a place for them to put Colleton County Clerk Becky Hill on trial in their quest to get Alex Murdaugh a new trial. Left with their playbook ripped in shreds, what will Team Murdaugh’s next move be? Mandy and Liz discuss the highlights from this week’s status conference and what they think will happen in the lead up to Alex’s Jan. 29th hearing.

The biggest question heading into Tuesday’s hearing was how Justice Toal would interpret the law – if she will decide on Alex’s new trial based on evidence of Becky’s actions with the jurors affecting the verdict OR based on evidence showing that Becky’s communication with the jury COULD HAVE affected the verdict. 

And it didn’t take long for Judge Toal to make a clear decision on that and set the tone for the hearing… Let’s get into it…

*This episode contains strong language


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