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Good afternoon COJ listeners EB here lots of stuff is now percolating and we had a law after Alex’s trial and conviction up until Russell sentencing but since Russell’s sentencing, it’s starting to get power packed in hot and heavy, which is kind of fun.

This week we had a really strong ruling by Judge Bentley price. This was his first kind of onstage presiding over Alex’s troubles and all the other things that Alex is bestowed on the state of South Carolina. As you know, Alex was trying to reverse course and make a motion he made a motion to vacate the confession of judgment of 4.3 million that he gave to the Satterfield in May of 2022.

And now all of a sudden, supposedly, in the spring of this year at the murder trial, he got epiphany and was going to come clean at least on this, he said, and he said that the dogs never cause glorious fall and therefore the Satterfield is never had a claim and therefore, he never should have given the confession of judgment.

And then in the Nautilus federal action that the real parties that Nautilus should be going after are the Satterfield is because they got their money under false pretenses, even though that he stole 3.8 million that was supposed to go to them. He wants to get to keep that money, get out from underneath that confession of judgment. And then Nautilus needs to look at the SATA fields if they ever want to get their money back.

So on Tuesday of this week, my partner Ronnie Richter argued the motion in front of Judge price. And it was nice, because within about six hours, he made a decision. This wasn’t something that a judge sat on for long and the judge agreed with us that Alex gave that confession of judgment voluntarily, that he’s essentially a guide. That’s not to be believed that the only reason that he would come forward and try to make up now that the dogs didn’t cause the fall is basically for self preservation.

So judge Bentley price heard the motion made by harpoon lean and Griffin and Phil barber and Alex Murtaugh and my partner Ronnie Richter argued that there was no basis in fact or law for granting this that it would be a tremendous miscarriage of justice. Fortunately, Judge Bryce in a resounding fashion ruled against Team Murtaugh and said no, that confession of judgment is a legally binding document and it will stand. So that was one major event this week, a seminal event.

The other seminal event is the oncoming Corey Fleming sentence in federal court on the 15th of August that will take place in front of Judge gurgle. And that’ll be interesting to see what kind of sentencing he gives for somebody that does accept personal responsibility and cooperates apparently, and what sentence he will give Corys state court trial is coming up in September, and I got subpoenaed, as well as the Satterfield to be witnesses in that case. So it looks like absent another plea, which I doubt will take place because I don’t think Cory Fleming is going to want to plead guilty to what the attorney general is going to want him to plead guilty to that case looks like it’s going to trial.

So we have so much happening, you know, we need to wait and see where Russell a feed is going to be assigned by the Bureau of Prisons whether he’s going to go to Jessup penitentiary in Georgia. So I think what we’re seeing now is that there’s a picking up of the pace of not only of the some of the civil matters involving Alex Murtaugh and some of his cohorts, but the criminal cases are going forward.

The real issue for me though, is when are Alex’s financial crime cases going to be scheduled by our state attorney general and judge Newman because Decart bootlid, as you know, has certain immunities because he’s a legislature a senator and his wife is an ambassador and so he has asked to not have this case called to trial before Believe it or not, the fall of 2024.

That is pretty much it on the Murdaugh front.

We will see you on cup of justice this coming week to talk about the sentence that Corey Fleming got we’re really excited about the discord session that we’re going to have on Tuesday, August 15 During the sentencing.

So with all that this is EB signing off, I appreciate you taking the time to listen, and I look forward to talking to you in the future.

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