Good morning COJ listeners. This is EB here Friday morning, long, long week, but very, very exciting week we had two major major events that took place Corey Fleming sentencing which I’ll get into in a second. And the Satterfield is one another motion against Team Murdaugh and I think this is probably the final motion unless they try to do something that is beyond the pale. And quite frankly, everything that they’ve done is beyond the pale but and we had a really good cup of justice episode that we were able to do live with all three of us together. Mandy, Liz and Me in Charleston on Tuesday after Corey Fleming sentence. So Tuesday was a big day. In the morning, Judge Gergel who was the judge in both the Nautilus Insurance case where Alex Murdaugh was trying to add the Satterfields as parties, believe it or not, made them defendants. In that case, as well. Judge Gergel had a hearing at 10 o’clock Tuesday morning in connection with that motion and several others and then Tuesday afternoon at one o’clock, we were back before Judge Gergel again, in connection with a sentence being handed down with Corey Fleming having pled guilty to one conspiracy count. Tuesday morning, my partner Ronnie Richter goes to the federal courthouse in Charleston. I was driving down from Columbia to get there by one o’clock for Corey Fleming sentence. We had not thought that Judge Gergel was going to address the motion to join the Satterfields and in all this case, there was other motions to seal records to produce documents and Judge Gergel decided to face it head on. So after a few preliminary discussions, he said I want to hear the motion to add the Satterfields as parties to this case, and before he gave the parties an opportunity to argue he asked the following question and I am not kidding here. He said whose idea was it? To make a motion to add the Satterfield says parties to the Nautilus Insurance case. In the Nautilus Insurance case, Nautilus is suing Alex Murdaugh, Palmetto State Bank and the personal representative for the Satterfield, Chad Westendorf after Gloria Satterfield died. And Nautilus is suing in federal court to get back to $3.8 million that they paid, which Alex with the assistance of Corey Fleming stole from Tony Satterfield and Brian Harris Gloria’s sons, and Phil Barber, who is an associate for debt corporately and answer well, it’s our position, not necessarily an idea. And Judge Gergel said the following statement – “Well, let me give you my position. The Satterfield ‘s are not going to be added to parties to this litigation, and your motion is denied.” And this is a huge, huge victory. So we’re hopeful that team Murdaugh is going to stop victimizing the Satterfield try to look inward maybe and accept responsibility like Cory Fleming did, and that’s a good transition into Corey Fleming. We had the sentencing hearing in front of Judge Gergel. Judge Gergel, as you know, a couple of weeks ago sentenced Russell Laffitte the 84 months in federal prison. Russell seems to think that he’s done nothing wrong. Corey Fleming on the other hand, except the responsibility and he was charged with four different felony counts in federal court. He’s also charged in state court and his state court charges are going to trial I believe, on September 11. And Debbie Barbier is his lawyer. And as you will know, when you listen to the podcast from this week, she did a masterful job. At this sentencing here, the way she presented core he the way she presented, did everything perfect. So that was this week, obviously on the horizon is Cory’s trial that’s coming up – Satterfields have been subpoenaed, I’ve been subpoenaed to be witnesses. So it’ll be interesting to see what the plea negotiations are going to be between now in that next week. We have a happy hour, Mandy’s going to host it, and it’s going to be a “to be determined” guest but that guest is going to be pretty important. So I’m looking forward to it. We’re also really excited about Mandy’s book, Blood On Their Hands. It comes out in November, and she’s going to do a lot of promotion between now and that about her book, and just I’m just really proud of Mandy about that – to see how she is grown and in confidence in how she approaches issues, very clinical and the research that she does, and of course, she’s just a, you know, an amazing podcaster. So now she’s a journalist, a podcaster and an author. So it was a power packed week, as I said and looking forward we’re going to record our next COJ episode on Monday morning and I want everybody to have a good safe weekend and speak to you soon.

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