EB reflects on the bravery of D-Day soldiers and reports on local corruption in Jasper County, where the elected treasurer faces significant obstructions, upcoming high-profile trials and legislative efforts like Mica’s Law addressing spousal mental abuse. He also discusses broader legal issues facing Supreme Court and the challenges of fault-based divorce in South Carolina.


Hey there, EB here. Good morning Premium Members, True Sunlight listeners, Cup of Justice listeners. Obviously today’s D-Day, I just watched the ceremony and it is really, really humbling to see the valor and the bravery of these young soldiers. I heard that when they mapped out what was going to happen on the day, they knew that they were going to lose 80 percent of the troops. And these troops knew that they were going to die and the courage to do that under fire to know that there’s a high probability that you’re going to die the 17,18, 19 year old brave men and they they showed that there was some 14 year old kids that enlisted and lied about their birth because they wanted to serve. These are real heroes, historical heroes, and we’re losing them by the day, there was probably 15 or 16 survivors of D-Day at the ceremony in France. And it was beautiful to see. And so, you know, let’s reflect today. I said on Memorial Day, one of my greatest laments is that I didn’t serve my country. And every time I see somebody in uniform, I always say thank you for your service. 

So we have a lot going on in our state. We have a lot going on in the world. Some good, some bad. My partner Ronnie Richter is going to have a press conference at 10 o’clock this morning in Jasper County. We represent the Jasper County Treasurer who was elected and what is going on in Jasper County is truly stunning. It’s just more corruption. It doesn’t seem to end in our state. He was elected, he was not given access to bank accounts, found out that there’s 96 separate county bank accounts and he’s only been given access to 23 of them. Curtis Loftus, who is our state treasurer, signed a letter asking the banks to please grant access to our client, Michael Skinner, so that he could do his job. And the banks refused to provide him access unless the people who are signatories on the account grant it. There was eight months from the time that he was elected till he took office, there was no transition. When he got in there, all the files were taken away. Equipment and programs were destroyed. The website was taken down. He was given no information. He has asked for access to accounts, not only bank accounts, but files. He’s not given passwords for computers. This is a duly elected treasurer. And obviously, some of the incumbents don’t want him to do an audit and find out what’s going on with 96 separate bank accounts. In his, I think year and a half in office, he’s been audited three times. The previous 22 years, the treasurer was never audited. So we filed suit in the Supreme Court under a mandamus, which is to compel the court to tell the local government to act and give him access to these accounts. So I think it’s going to be a developing case. Very interesting. But just again, more corruption, more embarrassment to the state of South Carolina. 

So the next major trial that’s going to be coming up is Kohberger. That’s the one where four students were killed and he’s claiming that he wasn’t there. So that’s going to be an interesting trial. I sense that that’s going to be one that’s going to last for a long time. So that’s, that’s on the deck for the summer. So I’m looking forward to that. 

This week, David and Mandy, were in North Myrtle Beach for the Mica Miller press conference by Mica’s attorney Regina Ward. She took some big shots at lawmakers, she wants the Mica’s Law to be in effect and enacted which would talk about course of conduct between one spouse and another basically through mental abuse, forcing somebody almost to harm themselves or god forbid take their own life because of abusive, ongoing conduct and behavior and that’s seems to what happened between JP and Mica where he made her feel worthless and to the point that you know, she felt that she needed to take her own life. The other things that are going on where the personal effects of Mica, the car and her phone are in the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office but it was agreed that the phone would be released to Regina Ward and the car would be released and not to JP. But real happy they David and Mandy were in the thick of the bramble bush yesterday and they’re going to talk about it again on True Sunlight. We really think that there’s so much more there that needs to be exposed. And it’s just sad that Mica felt that she had no other choice but to take her life and that’s what this coercive law that they’re promoting will deal with, so. 

We also have had Chad Daybell of the doomsday murderers out west. He was not only convicted in killing Laurie Daybell’s two children, but his ex wife, and he was given the death penalty. Well deserved. So that is a verdict that has come out. We also have the Christopher Gregor verdict in New Jersey, which was somewhat surprising. That’s the treadmill case, he was convicted of aggravated manslaughter and child endangerment but not convicted of the murder charge. And I sense the reason that happened is because the wife was also a troubled person, she was a drug addict. Interesting that he was heading out west, almost trying to cross the border in Arkansas to get to Mexico with his girlfriend after this happened, but he was not convicted of murder. And it’s sad that the son died at five years old and so the parents are going to ultimately have to face their maker for the fact that they had a child and they didn’t protect him. Gregor is going to go to jail and we’ll wait to see whether the mother of the child is going to be charged as well. 

Mexico just had an election and they elected their first women. woman president, her name is Claudia Sheinbaum and she is Jewish, which is really interesting, because Mexico’s you know, a predominantly Catholic country. So we’ll see how that works. 

I just finished the most amazing series. It’s called The Jinx on HBO about Robert Durst. I watched the first part and then the second part just came out and Rene and I watched it and it’s so interesting. He was a real estate mogul who allegedly killed his wife Kathy in 1980. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it is a good series and these producers worked on it for over 15 years, they followed Robert Durst, and he made a lot of admissions because he talked too much. Kind of like Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky, you know, they always give themselves away, they can’t seem to be satisfied that they may be getting away with murder, and they leave these breadcrumbs. Well, Robert Durst wanted to be interviewed and he made some admissions on a hot live mic that ultimately proved his downfall. So we have that going on. 

Additionally, we have Senator Menendez who’s on trial in New York City for the gold bars and the cash that he received from foreign governments. And he’s blaming that on his wife. We just had a Texas Congressman, I think his name is Cuellar. He is charged with taking $600,000 in bribes. And so you know, what, what happens when these people go to Congress is they just, they lose their soul, they lose their, their their character, and some of them sell their office sell access to their office. And it’s a disgrace. So I think I want to live in a country where we do have an independent justice system. And that’s what separates us from every other country. 

So with that said, we’re going to put on our legal caps, and we’re going to move into the law Library. And what we’re going to talk about first is stare decisis which is courts paying deference to a previous well settled wall and why is that important? Because well, we just had Roe v. Wade reversed, and that was a stare decisis. That was well settled law. We’re now having the Gridwall case, which deals with contraception that some of congress now are not willing to codify that that you have a right to contraception. But as you recall when Brett Kavanaugh and then when Neil Gorsuch was up before the court as well as Amy Coney Barrett more so with Kavanaugh and Barrett, they actually said under oath that they would respect Roe v. Wade, because it started deceases. It’s well settled law.And so now we have the Supreme Court not adhering to the doctrine of stare decisis. So stare decisis is such an important principle of law. We don’t want judges to legislate from the bench. We want judges to adhere to precedent settled decisions well settled law. And if we’re constantly having new judges come in and reverse well settled law, then there’s an instability in our justice system. So stare decisis is so important. 

Moving into something that’s relevant in the Mica Miller case, because Mandy and Liz are talking a lot about it on True Sunlight, where we are going to talk about divorce. Now in our state we don’t have a basically no-fault divorce where you can get divorce on demand, you have to live separate and apart for a year. And during that year, that means separate apart out of the house. And it also means no sex, but you can get a divorce sooner based on fault grains. Now that fault is very difficult to prove. Adultery is a basis for a fault ground but you have to show inclination opportunity, you basically have to show the person going into a hotel room or into a house, staying for you know, an hour longer three hours and then coming out you have to have that on video and so you hire a private investigator but that is very expensive, you know to catch them. You can have an on habitual drunkenness or habitual drug drug usage, or physical cruelty and and those are serious grounds. A lot of times, spouses are beat by their other spouse and that could be a basis for a fault round of divorce. If you are held to have committed adultery, you still would be entitled to child support, but you do not. You’re not entitled to alimony, that is what happens. If you’re found guilty of adultery that you would lose your right to alimony, you don’t lose your right to separate the property, which is you know, separating all the marital assets and the marital debt that is a property division equitable division and that still would take place even if one spouse is guilty of adultery so we do have fault based divorce it’s not like Nevada where you can get a divorce and 30 days or you go to Dominican Republican you get it on demand South Carolina they want couples to reflect and possibly to go to counseling so that you know over the course of the year where you’re living separate and apart that you maybe have a chance of reconciliation. So with that said, EB out.

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