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EB here giving you your weekly update. We had a lot going on this week. But the first thing I want to talk about is I did a happy hour last night with Mandy that the Premium members will be able to access and I don’t think Mandy expected how it was going to unfold. I basically ambushed her and acted like I was Howard Stern.

And I interviewed her about her book about, you know, the trajectory of her career from Island packet to where she is today. I asked her a lot of probing difficult personal questions, and she was very forthright. There were a couple of times where we both cried based on her answers.

You know, I think that Howard Stern’s the greatest interviewer out there today, I know that to a lot of people, he’s offensive. But he is an excellent interviewer. In fact, I was actually on The Howard Stern Show in 1988. I just got married to Rene and I took her to see Andrew Dice Clay at the time, he was very popular at the time. And so I decided in the morning before I went on the train to call the show and I called Gary del Tabata, who’s the producer of Baba Booey. And I said, Hey, you’re not going to believe this. But I was at the spectrum last night and watching Dice Clay and somebody held up this sign yada yada, and he just got all pissed off. It just took off on our so he said, I gotta get you on the show. And so within like five minutes, I’m on the show. It was a thrill of a lifetime at the time to be on his show. And I actually started the feud between Dice Clay and Howard Stern. And if you read his book, private parts, I’m in the book, because he says that, you know, he mentioned dice claim, he said, we used to be great friends until one of my listeners from Philadelphia called me and told me what he said. And so that was kind of neat.

So the point is, it was a really great happy hour, that happy hour, by the way, turned into an hour and 50 minutes, Mandy was just absolutely captivating. So listen to it.

She also has a another happy hour coming up as well as on the 26th of October. She’s going to be speaking of the College of Charleston at 4pm to some of the students and then there’s a big function on the 27th. Out at the Co-Op on Sullivan’s Island. And certainly anybody’s welcome to come to that there’ll be more about that.

This was a big week, we had a lot of things that happened first ruling this week was not unexpected, totally expected. The court of appeals of South Carolina granted Alex Myrtles motion to stay his appeal and remand the case so that he can proceed on his motion to ask for a new trial based on your interference. So what happens is when you appeal from a lower court to the Court of Appeals jurisdiction, leaves the lower court and the jurisdiction going forward is with the Court of Appeals.

So to get permission for a motion for a new trial to be heard, you have to get the court of appeals to relinquish their jurisdiction. Now the Court of Appeals is not set up like a trial court is to take testimony and it made evidence and do all that it’s a court of legal arguments. So they hear arguments, you make oral arguments and talk about the law. And they question you back the lower court. You know, they swear you in they have a witness stand. They have a clerk of court that takes different exhibits. They’re set up to have that factual exploration being done. So it was of no surprise that the Court of Appeals granted Alex’s motion one because they’re not in a position to take evidence, like I said, but to it is a very serious and significant issue that team Murtaugh is raised even the most despicable people like Alex Murdoch are entitled to a fair and impartial trial. And if he had a trial where the jury was interfered with, then I am 100% interfered with to the point that it affected the outcome of the verdict. And it was beyond what Becky Hill could have done and should have done, then he would rightly be entitled to a new trial. But that is a big, big if at this time.

So what the court has done is said okay, go back to the lower court go back before Judge Newman and judge Newman will make a decision on what the process is going to look like what type of hearing it’s going to be. harpooning wants a very broad based hearing. He wants to be able to subpoena the jurors to come and testify. He wants to subpoena their text messages, their phone calls or emails. He wants broad base discovery. Judge Newman may limit that. He may say no, only you can bring the witnesses these jurors to court to testify. Harpootlian wants to actually depose them before there’s a hearing. This is a criminal type of function, because if you’ve interfered with the jury, that is a crime. And so really it’s within the jurisdiction or the auspices of the Attorney General and sled to investigate it. So we’re going to have to wait and see what it actually is going to look like. When it gets back to the lower court. I expect that we should hear something in November there may be a status conference hearing on it to discuss it.

The other thing is, is Judge Newman going to be the judge to preside over that hearing. As you know, Harpootlian has telegraphed and in no uncertain terms said he felt that Judge Newman is going to be a witness in the jury interference issues because he may have witnessed Miss Becky talking to the jurors. He also said that he’s prejudiced against Alex Murtaugh based on the statements that Judge Newman made in the sentencing of the double murder. I disagree with that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Harpootlian makes a motion to disqualify judge Newman from hearing it and asks for another judge.

So that is really the first motion that team Murtaugh has won, believe it or not, almost in the entire pendency of all these different Murdaugh matters. They’ve lost every single motion.

Which brings me to my next subject. They got another loss in federal court. That was Judge Gergel. Judge Gurgel said he denied Murdaugh’s request, asking that the federal court marshal or commandeer all of the funds that the state court receivers John T Lay, and Peter McCoy had gathered over the last two years belonging now Alex Murdaugh, and there’s $1.8 million of those funds, and they’re supposed to go to the victims.

In fact, yesterday, the US attorney sent out a form that said, if you’re a victim of Alex Myrtles theft, you will apply and it’s going to go to the special referee, a man named wall Tolleson, who was appointed by Judge Hall, the state court judge to hear all their requests for compensation for Alex Murdaugh’s victims. But Harpootlian didn’t want that. He wanted the US Attorney in the federal government to commandeer all those funds, and that those funds be held by the federal court because Alex Murdaugh wants to choose who the victims are.

One he thinks it’s his money, and he’s going to make a play for that. But two, he wants some of the money to go to Palmetto State Bank, and to his old friends, the PMPED law firm. He doesn’t really care about the Satterfield about the pic knees about Thomas More about Arthur Badger or the Plyler sisters.

The list goes on. He could care less about them and Harpootlian and cares less even more, in fact Harpootlian said, oh, all those victims have already been paid off. They’re fully funded. They’ve been made whole. They’re not victims anymore. Again, that’s not Harpootlian’s place to say that that’s a judge or a jury. They say that and what Judge Gergel said is no, no, Mr. Harpootlian, and don’t come to me and ask me to do something that you should have gone to judge Hall if you want to go to judge Hall and ask him to do something with those funds different than what he ordered, go make the motion there, but don’t come running to my court. When you know that if you went to judge Hall, Judge Hall would go tell you to pound sand.

More importantly, in a footnote, it was so rich in what he said. I’m going to actually read it to you. There is certainly rich irony in the defendant Murdaugh who engaged in the methodical theft of millions of dollars in client funds, and then expended the great majority of those funds first personal use to accuse to honorable members of the bar, meaning John Lay and Peter McCoy, the receivers who are serving as state court receivers of wasting assets. So what Judge Gergel said is you’re coming to me complaining that John Lay and Peter McCoy you’re wasting assets when you stole $10 million or more from your victims and you went and spent it, you know, wildly supposedly on drugs or land or whatever you did don’t come to my court. It was an absolute beat down is Judge Gergel taking a baseball bat to the head of Alex Murdaugh and he said Get out of my court. If you want to go make this motion. Go back to state court.

I am going to be filming another episode for the fox documentary. I was on Episode Four that was about the juror interference. So I’ll be filming that next week with some of the financial crime victims and just happy to report that Alex is kind of getting what’s common to him. We’re waiting for the sentence to be done so that it can be announced by Judge gurgle that pre sentence reports being done by the Federal probation and parole right now. We know that the trial the Satterfield is coming up on the 27th of November, but I’m highly doubtful that it’s actually going to go forward because I think Harpootlian is going to do everything you can in the world to get it continued from making a motion to disqualify judge Newman to cutting off his foot so that he can’t have to show up at the trial at that time.

But we’re very excited about what’s coming up Mandy’s book, the published date is November 14, it’s blood on their hands, you can go get a pre ordered copy at bloodontheirhandsbook.com You can pre order and get the book I highly recommended. David last night, read some excerpts during happy hour from the book. And I’m telling you Mandy really did hit it out of the park. She didn’t hold any punches back. She was very vulnerable in her book, and I think it’s going to be great. So we’re very excited about what’s coming up, especially the book, Mandy’s on a book tour last week she was in New York, you know, we’re seeing a side of Mandy that we haven’t seen a lot which is being very public with her personality speaking in front of groups and doing reading.

So we’re looking forward to that. And that is basically the wrap up. I hope everybody has a good weekend. Be safe. And we’re doing COJ episode 52, I think tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to that lots to talk about, and I’ll talk to you next week.

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