Happy Thursday Premium Members, EB here. I thought it was going to be an easy week sliding into the Labor Day weekend. And it turned out to be very, very interesting. We have a couple of things to discuss. And we just had our episode of Cup of Justice episode number 45 with Liz and Mandy, and Mandy and David are out of the country and I think you’re going to enjoy the episode. 

So the most interesting thing I think that happened this week is that Buster Murdaugh released his interviews that he did with Fox Nation. It’s a three part series and, you know, we we personally purposefully stayed away from analyzing or criticizing anything about Buster. You know, we’ve for the better part of the last year and a half, we’ve believed that and still believe that he’s a victim, you know, he lost a brother and a mother and for all intents and purposes, lost his father. But once you get behind a microphone, and you decide to make some statements, you open yourself up to be analyzed, you open yourself up to be criticized, and you open up yourself to have your words dissected. And there was some interesting things that Buster said. One, he said that the motive for the murders of Alex were malarkey. And he didn’t say it was the motive of time the financial crimes and the financial pressures that Alex was under to the reason for killing Maggie and Paul, he said that the technology evidence was malarkey. And I thought that was really strange because I thought that that was the most credible and powerful evidence in the trial, the videos and the Snapchats of him at the kennels at 8:45. And then also with Paul when they were riding around the golf cart with the trees at 7:45 clearly showed that he changed his clothes, and then with the phone mapping and how the phone moves. I thought that was very scientific, very technical, very credible. 

It was interesting that Buster said that his father was a psychopath. Psychopaths are incapable of love. They’re incapable of remorse, incapable of moral behavior. He said his father was a manipulator, a cheater and a liar. But he said he’s not a murderer. And that was really interesting to me, because I don’t understand how you can compartmentalize that. It’s almost like that he was trying to make himself believe that there’s no way possible that his father could have taken the life of his brother and his mother. And if you admit that your father was a psychopath, and if you’ve met that your father was a manipulator, liar and a cheater, you have to be intellectually honest in question. Is this man, the person that I admired and loved? Is this the true man that was before me? Or is he the person that came down to trial and admitted to most of these misdeeds? And it was, it was eye opening for me because I don’t think Buster did himself a lot of service. I know he was trying to cure his reputation, and give his side of the story, but it seemed like he was talking to a limited audience, almost to an audience that would be a country club audience, but not everyday people.

He blamed the verdict on the jury, he blamed the verdict on the media. He blamed the verdict on people like Liz, Mandy, and me and podcasters. And of course, Liz and Mandy are both journalists to no blame whatsoever on his father, the fact that his father had lied to him. For two years that he was at the kennel. He said my father had nothing to do with the murder and knows nothing. Well, we know that that’s contrary to what his brother Randolph has said, Because Randolph said, he thinks that Alex knows how Maggie and Paul died and he’s not telling the truth. I think that there was a concerted effort to spin this kind of propaganda. Well before the trial, because they played some clips of Dick and Jim revealing some of their strategy, some of their attorney client privilege information. And again, that was a little bit risky, in my mind. But I think we’re going to have to wait and see how the public reacts to this three part documentary, and how they view Buster.

And so I think you’re going to enjoy the cup of justice, episode number 45. The second thing that happened this week was that we learned that the Department of Corrections punished Alex Myrtle, we heard nothing about this going on, until they released yesterday afternoon. A statement that said Alex Myrtle violated prison regulations by using the media and talking to the media. That’s what prisoners are not allowed to do in South Carolina, they’re not allowed to give interviews. He also use somebody else’s pin number to be able to use the phone. And he made some statements where he released his journal, his dear Alex journal, that were part of the documentary and Jim Griffin was named by the Department of Corrections as being a part of that. And I know that Jim knows the rules. And I’m just really surprised at some of the things that Jim has done since the start of this trial. We do know, remember that he was admonished by Judge Newman, for revealing something about the Kathleen Parker article. And he was admonished before court in open court in front of the country. And he wasn’t supposed to make any comment about that. And now he was assisting Alex and violating the prison rules. And as a result of it, Alex’s lost his tablet privileges, where he’s not going to be able to communicate with all his lovers. And he lost his phone privileges. And that’s surprising to me. Because you know, when you’re in prison like that, you don’t want to become isolated. And now he is cut off from all communications. It is surprising to me that he’s obviously making friends in prison because someone else let him use his PIN number. And I don’t think it’s going to endear himself to prison guards, I don’t think it’s going to endear himself to administration and the Department of Corrections. Because obviously somebody was made to look bad, whether it was a guard, they let their guard down and Alex was able to accomplish this. So long term, I think it’s going to be negative for Alex. But it’s typical for him to bend the rules to take it to the edge to enlist the services of his own lawyer. I don’t know of a lawyer who would jeopardize themselves, especially when Jim Griffin has a criminal law practice and has to get the cooperation of the Department of Corrections to be able to go visit some of the inmates. I think he’s going to be looked at differently and I just think it was a bad decision on his part. Finally, there was an arrest and a trial, evidently this week of Patrick Wilson, who is is a friend of Sean Connolly who both of them were named in the Steven Smith Highway Department file that was released in 2021 as persons of interest. Patrick was arrested in Greenville, South Carolina, and he was detained. And then he was transferred to Hampton County, and in magistrate court, they had a trial regarding a pending open container charge, not a DUI, but just driving with an open container of alcohol. And he was convicted, and he’s still in jail, which is surprising for a magistrate court charge. So it’ll be interesting to see whether he has any information and whether they’re putting any pressure on him for related to this open container charge. But that was what happened in the past two days. And so it was a week that was rather quiet up until Thursday. And then it was just gangbusters. 

So I want everybody to have a safe and healthy Labor Day weekend. We’re very excited about continuing along with the podcast and where we’re going with Lunashark and some of the things that you’re going to hear about in the coming weeks. 

Again, you know, obviously Mandy’s book is a big part of the rollout. But we have some good shows planned for you and we’re really excited so I want to just wish everybody a healthy happy Labor Day and we’ll speak soon. EB out.