Within hours of uploading, the first episode of Murdaugh Murders Podcast reached thousands of ears. The show’s success brought many supporters, along with hoards of people complaining about Mandy’s “vocal fry.”

In episode two of the podcast, and in what many fans refer to as the moment they knew they revered Mandy, she told listeners offended by her voice to either take it or leave it.

As the weeks passed and Murdaugh Murders Podcast traveled up the Apple Podcast rankings, Mandy became inundated with media requests, fan mail, hate mail, and tips about the boat crash.

Although Mandy turned down all previous media requests, she felt it would be a good opportunity to appear on 20/20.

While the interview went well overall, Mandy was not pleased with the producer asking if she believed her reporting led to the murders of Paul and Maggie.

As a way to cope with the discomfort, Mandy dug deep into research and FOIA requests related to the boat crash.

After daily contact with the public information officer at the department investigating the crash, Mandy was the first member of the media to receive the massive stack of documents.

The assortment of documents included police reports, victim statements, dashcam footage, and oddly formated videos. The documents are linked here.

Although she’d barely left the house for weeks, Mandy decided to take David, Liz and their friend Hunter to check out the annual South Carolina trial lawyers convention, curious who would attend.

When Mandy spotted Cory Fleming, Alex Murdaugh’s best friend and later convicted co-conspirator, taking shots with other lawyers, she snapped a selfie with them clear in the background.

Mandy recalled thinking that the men sitting at the table in this picture all had blood on their hands.

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