Alex was very calm when talking to the 911 operator after he was shot on the side of the road. You can listen to Alex talk to the operator below.

Alex Murdaugh roadside incident
AM’s Hospital Form
Alex Murdaugh’s incident wound

Shortly after the roadside shooting, there was talk of Alex struggling with an opioid addiction. Mandy had previously investigated and reported the implications of an opioid addiction when she worked at Commercial-News in Danville and it was obvious that this was a ploy for sympathy for Alex Murdaugh.

Click here to read Mandy’s article for Commerical-News

Listen to episodes 11 & 15 of Murdaugh Murders Podcast to hear more about the alleged roadside shooting.

Dick Harpootlian not only tried to gain sympathy for his client, Alex Murdaugh, but he also attempted to gain appeal by making inappropriate, sexist jokes. It was obvious Mandy had gotten under his skin, and Dick was worried she would appear for Alex’s arraignment in Hampton.

In the video below, you can hear the comments he made and how no one had the decency to call him out on his inappropriate behavior, Instead, the journalists just laughed along.

Mandy was asked to appear on Good Morning America but ended up declining. When she watched the segment back, it was obvious that Dick Harpootlian and team Murdaugh were controlling the narrative.

Click here to watch the Good Morning America segment.

The lawyers affiliated with the unraveling Murdaugh story were leaving much to be desired in South Carolina. Thankfully, Eric Bland entered the scene as the attorney for Gloria Satterfield’s family as they sought to recover what was allegedly stolen from them.

Little did we know that Eric would become an integral part of exposing corruption and helping us all better understand the justice system.

Eric has joined us for many Luna Shark Premium Happy Hours, however our favorite was in October 2023.

“Breaking news doesn’t care that you’re on a boat with your parents and your fiance. Breaking news happens when you least expect it, even if you’re trained to always expect it. The roadside shooting chapter is a perfect example of this phenomenon, and it has echoes of the Puerto Rico engagement trip chapter: in the blink of an eye, drama and chaos can find you in the midst of an otherwise peaceful time. Mandy showed me pictures of her boat ride that day, and we spent time talking through the before and after of her time on the water and how she had to rapidly shift gears into crisis reporting mode. I love that this chapter showcases Mandy’s talents as a resourceful and scrappy reporter, and it also shows the stresses she was dealing with from predatory producers trying to get a piece of her podcast action. The cannibalistic, true crime industrial complex is a big theme of the book, and this chapter begins to show the dark energy that so many unscrupulous people and groups bring to crimes as they start to gain a bigger profile. This chapter also details one of the most painful, public humiliations of Mandy’s investigation: when Dick Harpootlian was caught on a hot mic in court making a dumb, sexist joke about Mandy. We knew this anecdote was pivotal in Mandy’s journey, and it wasn’t easy for her to revisit the time. But we also knew so many women would see themselves in that moment—an established man trying to put a woman he saw as threatening in her place. It was outrageous for me to learn about, and so maddening to write these scenes, but we both knew they were so important to include.”

Carolyn Murnick

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