Immediately following Alex Murdaugh’s bond hearing, Mandy and David took a trip to the mountains for some much needed relaxation.

Mandy wanted the trip to be quiet and slow, full of intimate moments and little screen time. But she only recalled one moment in particular that was relaxing enough to take her mind off the Murdaugh mess: 20 peaceful moments in the hot tub.

On the way home from their trip to the mountains, Mandy and David stopped in Columbia, South Carolina, to attend a fundraising event organized by a Facebook group called #StandingforStephen.

The organizer of the fundraiser reached out to Sandy and Mandy saying she was a fan of the podcast and was moved by Stephen’s story. Proceeds from the fundraiser were set go toward purchasing a headstone for Stephen.

Sandy also worked directly with Mandy to create a scholarship in Stephen’s name. More information about the scholarship can be found here.

Stay tuned for an exclusive video of Mandy and Liz recalling when they starting working together again in 2021.

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