Luna Shark Media has obtained dash cam footage from March 9, 2024 when thrice-accused rapist Bowen Turner was arrested for DUI in Florence County, South Carolina.

Turner, now 21, had only been out of prison for four months when he flipped a vehicle on Paper Mill Road in Florence. Luna Shark has been covering the Bowen Turner case since 2022 when he brokered a suspended sentence for a single charge of assault after initially being charged with criminal sexual conduct. He was released from prison in November 2023 after serving just over a year in prison for violating the terms of his probation following his 2022 deal.

The following video was obtained via a FOIA request to the South Carolina Highway Patrol as we sought to understand what happened after Turner’s most recent arrest.

His new charges include DUI, disorderly conduct, an open container violation, a seatbelt violation, and resisting arrest. Being arrested is a violation of the terms of his release from prison, but a paperwork snafu nearly allowed him to walk free after a bond hearing on March 11.

Turner is back in South Carolina Department of Correction custody with an expected release date of April 8, 2028.

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Beth Braden

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