Connor Cook called 911 the night of the boat crash on Archers Creek. In the audio below, you can hear the raw emotions of Connor and the other girls that were on the boat as they called for help and realized Mallory was missing.

In the initial days after the boat crash, Mandy waded through the public’s reaction to rumors of who was driving the boat. If it was Paul Murdaugh, would he get away with it? Below is dash cam video from the night of the boat crash.

Four days into the search for Mallory, Paul Murdaugh’s name still hadn’t been mentioned in news articles as the possible driver of the boat. Mandy wondered if the lack of mention was because nobody had been able to validate claims that Paul Murdaugh was driving or if the incident would be covered up because of the Murdaugh name.

From alcohol sale to the moment of impact: watch this visual recreation of the tragic events of February 24, 2019.

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