In the last few years I have learned one thing about narcissists (or people who I believe to be narcissists since I can’t diagnose): They never know when to shut their mouths. 

This was true for convicted killer Alex Murdaugh — who insisted he take the stand in his double murder trial last year despite advice from anyone with a lick of legal sense — and it backfired.

Alex Murdaugh believed that he could talk his way out of a guilty conviction because he had a history of talking his way out of everything — including stealing millions from vulnerable clients. 

It worked for him until it didn’t — and now he is spending his life in prison for the murders of his wife and son.

Now I’m not saying that JP Miller and Alex Murdaugh are on the same level in life — let’s be clear. 

Alex Murdaugh has been convicted of MANY crimes, and JP Miller has only been convicted of one crime — felony assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature in 2001. JP Miller talked his way out of that one in a way because he got a pardon for that crime in 2021 as y’all heard on this week’s True Sunlight Podcast.

I’m saying that men like JP and Alex Murdaugh operate in a different way because they are used to being believed, respected, and listened to when they speak.

This week, the Tiktok Account True Crime Ri has been posting recent videos of JP Miller giving “his side of the story.”

Now I’m usually torn about videos like this because I hate giving men like JP the attention they clearly want. In this case however, the TikTok videos are only shedding sunlight on the true person that JP is and entrapping him in his lies. 

Social media is doing this man no favors, but he appears to be too narcissistic to see that. Let’s hope ole JP is this loose-lipped with the FBI as their investigation continues.

In the kickoff video, JP claims that he has 350 pieces of evidence showing what Mica “really thinks” of those people who are fighting for her right now including her best friend Charlotte Korn and her family. 

JP is telling on himself in this video, in my opinion. 

What kind of man would actually share private messages from his dead wife with the intention of hurting those people Mica loved the most in this world?

Isolation is one of the first signs of coercive control and in this video JP is again attempting to drive a wedge between Mica and those she loved – even after her death. It’s truly disturbing. 

Something else to note — Mica’s family and friends have documented incidents of JP taking Mica’s devices and posing as Mica on social media and in text messages. In my opinion, JP has already proven himself to not be credible and whatever “evidence” should not be taken at face value. 

I’m not going to share and debunk every detail of the 5-part series because it’s the weekend and I can only spend so much time listening to JP’s voice without puking. If y’all can stomach it, debunk away. 

The most telling part of these videos is the big picture I’m seeing of JP — a PASTOR who has been accused of having inappropriate sexual encounters with teenagers, drugging Mica on multiple occasions, harassing, stalking, and mentally abusing Mica to the point her life ended.

Notice, he’s not focusing on the big accusations. He spends two different videos talking about how tattoos are proof of true love. 

In another video, he talks about why he preached the day after Mica died and saying he was basically in denial and he claims he spent MONTHS “doing everything he could to keep her alive.”


John-Paul Miller speaks on why he preached the morning after Mica’s passing #JusticeFormica #jp #johnpaulmiller #foryou #foryoupage #Mica @ethanlivinglife

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JP must keep forgetting about all of those pesky police reports, court documents, text messages, and journals showing the opposite. 

If JP was so determined to “keeping Mica alive” – why was he allegedly with another woman hours away on the day she died?

And speaking of the day Mica died, why is JP on TikTok talking about tattoos and funeral receipts when he could be showing us more proof exactly where he was and what he was doing on the day he died? We know he was spotted in Charleston earlier that day. We know that his truck — not necassarily him — was spotted in Horry county minutes before he called 911, but I would like to see more evidence on what he was doing that day. 

So far, the only “receipt” JP has coughed up is an invoice from a funeral home claiming he paid for services — like that makes it impossible to be an abuser to pay for things?

Remember in the Murdaugh story, we kept quoting “they muddy the water to make it look deep.”

It appears like JP is doing just that — and he’s targeting a grieving family in the process and showing his true colors. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out for him.

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Mandy Matney is an award-winning journalist from Kansas who has worked for newspapers in Missouri, Illinois, and South Carolina and now lives on Hilton Head Island where she pursues mission-based investigative journalism.

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