Every week, JP Miller seems to stoop to a lower level.

This week, true crime YouTuber Robbie Harvey reported that JP Miller — the Myrtle Beach pastor accused of mentally abusing his estranged wife Mica Miller before her death in April — is allegedly “hiring random people to dig up dirt on creators covering this story.”

Harvey apparently received text messages from at least one of the people he offered to pay “$350 per social media person” for background checks and dirt searching and he is offering 10 percent of possible lawsuit settlements if that dirt results in successful litigation. My favorite is this text below allegedly sent by JP (obtained by Robbie Harvey).

I love how he says “until the law suits start working.”


Did every Good Ole Boy in America skip spelling in school? Every time I read a text from JP, I am baffled at how he made it this far in life.

Does JP know how “law suits” work?

Does he think the Cease and Desist he sent Mica’s best friend Charlotte Korn weeks ago — the one where his attorney spelled desist and hearsay wrong — would actually amount to any claims?

Has anyone explained to JP Miller that opinions — which his own lawyer referenced in the cease and desist letter —  are not defamatory.

Does JP know that the burden of proof would be on HIM to prove he isn’t an abuser, he didn’t send the text messages that Charlotte provided to reporters etc. etc.?

The strategy JP is taking is to go on the offensive as he is being pummeled in different directions by different sources, legal documents, and people who knew Mica that have testified to the abuse. 

Last week, we talked about his absurd Tik Tok series where he claimed that he has 350 pieces of evidence showing what Mica “really thinks” of those people who are fighting for her right now including her best friend Charlotte Korn and her family.

Well, someone must have finally talked a lick of sense into ole JP, because he stopped posting videos after the fifth installment earlier this week — and in those five videos he proved virtually nothing aside from confirming the fact he believes he is a man who can talk his way out of anything. 

This week, he was also exposed by the Post and Courier for filing to seal documents in court while simultaneously claiming on Tik Tok that he is on a mission to “disprove all the lies.”

In my opinion, all of these recent moves from JP show us that JP believes he is a lot smarter than he actually is and most importantly, I think he is scared, maybe for the first time in his life, because he is no longer in control of the narrative. 

What kind of dirt does he think he is going to find on these people covering this case?

Sorry JP, but unlike you, most of us don’t have an aggravated assault and battery conviction in our past, nor do we have stacks of recent police reports claiming harassment against spouses.

As the FBI investigation heats up, I suggest JP worry more about his side of the street because it is most definitely not clean…

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