WHERE: The foothills of Walhalla, South Carolina 

WHAT: Mysterious deaths of 3 people and the town’s drug epidemic

WHO: That gets a little more complicated..

Luna Shark Media contributor Eric Alan Daume traveled to South Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains to investigate three mysterious—and perhaps connected—cases that occurred within weeks of each other. 

Eric Alan, a native South Carolinian, built a strong rapport with the individuals featured in the podcast and unravels a web of corruption and alleged murder. 

But while he tried to get down to the truth of these mysterious cases, Eric Alan quickly found himself in the middle of another inexplicable death. 

Mountain mystery unravels the dark truths within small towns and reminds listeners that the drug epidemic continues to affect families and relationships. 

You can listen to this story in True Sunlight Podcast Episode 15 and Episode 26.

That’s why we’ve provided this breakdown of all individuals named so far in Mountain Mystery: 

April Jones

April Jones was 37 years old when her body was discovered inside her workshop near her home on January 28, 2019, by her husband, Andy Jones. April is a mother of five, according to her obituary.

According to April’s family, she suffered from addiction to methamphetamine throughout adulthood.

While authorities believe April’s death was caused by an accidental overdose and hypothermia, her family believes foul play was involved. 

Two days before her death, April was allegedly seen with Kevin Maler at a local house referred to as the “white house” 

Some rumors circulating in town alleged that April was having an affair with her neighbor, Tom Smith. April allegedly had a “toxic” relationship with her husband.

Debbie Norton: April Jones’ mother

Hannah Ayers: April Jones’ daughter

Andy Jones: April Jones’ husband 

Faith Roach

Faith Roach was 26 years old when she went missing on February 5, 2019. According to sources, Faith was last seen at the “white house,” the same place April was seen two days prior to her death. 

Locals told Eric Alan that people allegedly went to the house to either purchase or partake in illicit drug use.   

Kevin Craig

Kevin Craig was 32 years old when he died on May 26, 2019. Locals claim Kevin was allegedly murdered by Kevin Maler because he had information about Faith Roach’s disappearance. 

According to reports, Kevin Craig was discovered barricaded inside his home and surrounded by empty syringes, yet no drugs were found in his system. His death was ruled a result of seizures and heat exposure. 

Several locals told Eric Alan that they believe Kevin had information that Kevin Maler was involved in Faith Roach’s disappearance.

Kevin (aka Boston) Maler

Kevin Maler, who is also known as Boston, is a well known drug dealer in Walhalla. For most of Eric’s time in Walhalla he was in prison for possession of meth with intent to distribute. 

Kevin Maler was allegedly seen with April Jones at the “white house” two days prior to her death. 

Kevin Maler was a suspect in the disappearance of Jennifer Faye, a woman who went missing in Massachusetts in 1989. 

Locals accused Kevin Maler of allegedly being involved in the deaths of April Jones and Kevin Craig, as well as the disappearance of Faith Roach

Authorities claim Kevin Maler allegedly murdered Kevin Craig because he had information about Faith Roach’s disappearance.

Barry Neal

Locals told Eric Alan that Barry Neal was a good friend of Kevin Maler and allegedly drove him around “when he sold drugs.” 

Kevin Maler claims Barry drove him to Tom Smith’s house to pick up his phone that he accidentally left inside Tom’s truck.

John Evans

John Evans is a prison inmate who is also friends with Kevin Maler. Sources told Eric Alan that John allegedly wrote a letter to his family claiming he was with Kevin Maler the week before April died. 

John Evans alleged that Kevin Maler said he was going to kill April with an “unnamed substance.” He also alleged that at some point, Kevin Maler gave him April’s phone. 

While Eric Alan was attempting to get in contact with John for an interview, he was notified that John died in prison of an alleged drug overdose. 

Thomas (aka Tom) Smith

Tom Smith is April Jones’ next door neighbor and the last person to have claimed to see her alive. Tom lives with his father, Bruce Smith.

Tom told police that April left his home to go to another neighbor’s house across the street, but the neighbor denies these claims.  

Locals accused April of allegedly having an affair with Tom. 

Kevin Maler alleges he left his cell phone in Tom’s truck. Kevin Maler claims he went to pick up his phone and Tom gave him “a few phones he had lying around,” including April’s.

Bruce Smith: Tom Smith’s father

David McMahan, Police Officer 

David McMahan is a 57-year-old Oconee County native. During an interview, David talked to Eric Alan about the drug epidemic and how it has unfortunately  overtaken Walhalla. 

David also discussed Tammy Stubblefield, a local woman who went missing from Walhalla. 

This guide will be updated as more episodes of Mountain Mystery drop. Stay tuned and follow our True Sunlight podcast feed anywhere you listen. 

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