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Hello, and welcome to the monthly recap for October 2023. I’m Luna Shark journalist and researcher Beth Braden. Much like September, October was popping as we kept tabs on Alex Murdaugh and his associates, got word of Bowen Turner’s release date, and saw more than half of the state solicitors take a stand against legislator Todd Rutherford and formally asked for him to be removed from the judicial merit selection commission.

Alex Murdaugh’s legal moves seem to amp up a notch is he filed a motion asking the feds to seize his assets from the receivers Judge Richard Gergel declined, saying in part quote, just as the defendant does not get to decide which assets the government seizes or when the defendant should not be allowed to conduct an end run around the state court receivership proceedings. In quote, Mandy and Liz discuss that motion at its replies in True Sunlight, Episode 21 and Cup of Justice episode 51.

What happened is in the reply to the government’s memorandum and opposition team Myrtle raised some issues that really caused Emily and the US Attorney’s to say, look, Judge, can you grant us permission to file a server reply, you can’t do it automatically. You got to get permission from the court leave of court. It’s called because what they argued in this sort of reply that you sent me this morning, when you sent it to me, I read it. And what they’re saying is it was not a final order that Judge gurgle entered into to say that there was going to be a final forfeiture of Alex’s money. It was a preliminary order. And they really chided team Myrtle almost in a way that they were like, Look, you guys don’t even know the law. You don’t even know what Judge gurgle ruled, and you’re basically misrepresenting to the court what’s happening and you’re too early. This is not the time to do it. And what they’re saying what the government is saying is let the funds get marshaled to the special referee. And then if you want to make a claim or you want to object there is a process to do that. But it’s not in the federal court. And Judge gurgle was not the one to do, but it was a full metal jacket, sir. Reply.

Yeah. Mandy, what are your thoughts on what this says about the desperation that dick and Jim and Alec are showing in trying to get those assets seized by the federal government?
I almost am surprised at how many of their cards that they’re showing like it can you can see from this reply, just how much in and from everything that they’ve done with this federal seizure, what their plot is, and it’s very obvious that they have something else going on and the government has said over and over like this is not normal. And I loved in the Surrey Playa they said basically a defendant doesn’t get a dictate anything about where they don’t get any say and where it who seizes what and how they do it. Like excuse me, you’re the defendant here like let’s remind you of who you are.

Cup of Justice Episode 51.

Late last month, we reported that former Palmetto State bank CEO Russell a feat had finally turned himself into federal prison at FCI Coleman in Florida. But at the beginning of October, we realized something strange former attorney Corey Fleming seemed to be missing despite the fact that he was supposed to be in Federal Bureau of Prisons custody. Inmate records at the detention center in Charleston County showed that Corey had been released into federal custody on September 22, and the Federal inmate log had a prisoner number for him that he was listed as not in custody. Finally, Cory surfaced in Atlanta in early October and was then transferred to FCI Jessup, his first choice prison you can hear more about where Corey may have been during those two weeks on true sunlight episodes 19 and 20. And in couple of justice episodes, 49 and 50. Oh, and if you’re curious about what it will be like for Cory and Russell while they’re in Bureau of Prisons custody, my fellow researcher Sam Berlin wrote a lengthy article for our Luna Shark Soak Up the Sun members about day to day life in federal prison. Click the link for a fascinating and somewhat frustrating deep dive into federal prison conditions. October also brought devastating news on the Bowen Turner front. He’s getting out of prison on November 15. As you may remember, Bowen Turner is the young man accused of raping three teenage girls in three different South Carolina counties between 2018 and 2019. One of his alleged victims, Dallas staler succumbed to self-inflicted injuries in November 2021 After she reportedly faced intense bullying from the people who took bio inside hear more about it and how the solicitor’s in the case ultimately let the victims down in True Sunlight episode 20.

On Wednesday, I got some awful news from Dallas dollars family. Thrice accused rapist Bowen Turner is set to be real released from prison November 15 2023. Turns out they couldn’t have picked a worse week for Bowens release. He will be released the day after the anniversary of Dallas dollars death. And the day before victim Chloe Bess’s birthday, November 15 is also Dallas his father’s birthday. I’m sure the date wasn’t on purpose, but it just rubs salt in the wounds of these victims who had been shown time and time again that the system does not care about them. The stallers received an automatic call to notify them of Turner’s upcoming release. Could you imagine being Dallas’s family and receiving that automated phone call that your daughter’s alleged rapist will be released from prison on the day before the anniversary of your daughter’s death? This is how our system treats the dumps. This is how our system treats our girls. They do not care. And at this point, we have to make them care.

True Sunlight, Episode 20

And finally, nine of South Carolina’s 16 solicitors sent a letter to the judicial merit selection commission asking it to remove its lager legislator members and specifically called out Representative Todd Rutherford for his role in the early release of his criminal defense clients convicted murderer Gerard price and convicted kidnapper, Alberto Romero Lopez. You can hear all about that in True Sunlight episode 22. Our Soak Up The Sun Premium members were able to join us for so many happy hours in October with guests including Mandy’s co author Carolyn Murnick, Sandy Smith, and Eric bland. All these premium moments will soon be organized as complements to Mandy’s new book Blood On Their Hands. Blood on Their Hands will be released on November 14 and is available for preorder at Signed copies are available from TalkShop.Live and you can even snag yours before the live virtual event Monday November 6 at 7pm. Visit for details.

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