Dallas Hayes Stoller

02/20/2001 – 11/14/2021

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“My name is Brette Tabatabai. My sister, Karlee, and I wanted to create a central location for everyone to come access the latest news, articles, and updates relating to our late sister, Dallas Stoller’s case… We kindly ask that you share Dallas’s story & join us in our fight for justice. Copy and paste this link to your social media. Discuss the case with your loved ones. Have the hard conversations. Call out behaviors that perpetuate sexual assault and violence against women. Use your voice for the victims who cannot use theirs. Every victim deserves to be heard! Just because Dallas is no longer with us does not mean she no longer has one.

We are {ALL} her voice now and we will not stop until we are heard!”

Paul Murdaugh wasn’t the only person to receive the “gentlemen’s treatment” in South Carolina.

There was another young man, Bowen Turner, a privileged nineteen-year-old from Orangeburg accused of violently raping three girls between 2018 and 2019 in three different South Carolina counties. One of his alleged victims, Dallas Stoller, would later die from a self-inflicted injury after months of bullying and harassment at the hands of Turner’s supporters. 

Dallas’ sisters took to Instagram to share her story and demanded action to prevent Bowen Turner and others from receiving privileged treatment.

You may remember Dallas’ father, Karl Stoller, from an episode of Murdaugh Murders Podcast. Here is the full interview with Mandy & Karl.

The episodes and anecdotes in this chapter were one of the most exciting parts of Mandy’s story for me to learn about because, to me, they truly proved the power of the community that Mandy had built from scratch. Mandy and her team had created such an engaged, justice-minded audience for MMP that she had a hunch they’d get just as invested in another story with similar themes of judicial corruption and injustice: the case of Dallas Stoller. She was right. Listeners flooded social media with calls for justice after the MMP Dallas episode was published, and shortly after, alleged rapist Bowen Turner was picked up on a probation violation and later sentenced to prison. The MMP audience and media attention had achieved something others had been struggling to do, and Dallas’s sister Brette was thrilled. Unfortunately, we now know that Bowen Turner is scheduled to be released from prison the same week that BOTH publishes; the families of his victims were only notified by robocall. We expect this tragic story to be back in the news soon.

Carolyn Murnick

let’s do a recap of our coverage on Dallas/Bowen so far…we can link to the articles and CTA.

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