Mandy attempted to balance her personal life and social schedule knowing that an indictment in the murder charges could come down at any minute. While she waited, she checked in often with her source at SLED, and she and Liz pored over a new batch of Alex Murdaugh’s jailhouse calls. What they didn’t expect was for Mandy’s name to be mentioned in one of the calls.

While community morale was low with the Maggie and Paul’s murder investigation, the Satterfield family brought a sense of optimism in Hampton County.

Eric Bland, the Satterfield family’s attorney, informed Mandy that the family was starting a non-profit in honor of Gloria called Gloria’s Gift which provided Christmas gifts to children in Hampton County.

The Satterfield family requested that Mandy speak at the launch event for Gloria’s Gift, leaving her feeling honored and excited to meet Gloria’s family for the first time. When she met Gloria’s sons, Tony and Brian, she was enraged as the real world impact of the alleged theft washed over her.

Stay tuned for more content regarding Alex Murdaugh’s jailhouse phone calls.

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