After witnessing first hand, the privilege that Paul received, Liz couldn’t help but report on the main takeaway from Paul’s arraignment hearing regarding the boat crash in Beaufort County.

If you listen to the audio below from Paul’s arraignment hearing, in the background you can hear Mandy typing her notes from the hearing.

In an effort to validate that Paul Murdaugh had previously received special treatment from law enforcement regarding underage alcohol consumption, Mandy drove to the Beaufort County Magistrate to locate a document about a previous charge of Paul’s.

Thanks to a brave Beaufort County Magistrate clerk, Mandy received the following document that started to unravel the Murdaugh web.

Behind the Book

“This is the first courtroom scene in the book and Mandy I spent a lot of time talking about how to make this section as visceral as possible. Courtrooms can be hushed, stilted environments, but there’s still a lot of drama going on if you know where to look. Mandy had notes from the day that we drew upon as well as a recording of the proceedings. I also drew upon my experiences attending court appearances for my childhood best friend’s killer while reporting my own memoir. I knew what it was like to see someone for the first time in person that you have been thinking about and writing about for months, as Mandy had been for the Murdaughs. I could imagine the nerves and anticipation Mandy felt as I experienced similar emotions. This chapter also introduces the reader to Dick and Jim, who are obviously important characters to the saga as a whole.”

Carolyn Murnick

Stay tuned for profiles on key players in this chapter and more coming soon!

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